Benefits of LED - LED Downlights Melbourne

Benefits of LED - LED Lights Melbourne

New technology

The lighting industry has seen some dramatic changes over the past few years. This has been pushed by rising costs in energy, materials, labor for installing and maintenance along with the initial cost of the luminaries and going “Green”.  Today more than ever it is critical for lighting professionals to select the correct luminary lamp source to meet their customer’s needs.  Before selecting the best lamp source, important project specifications need to be set.

The color of the light, maintenance, cost, and even the environment play a critical role in determining what luminaire lamp source you choose.

ledsen has been develop LED to a point where Ambiance, Visual display, work place functionality come together with cost reductions of 80-90% to deliver pay back periods in under twelve moths in most cases

Longer life spans

ledsen LED lamps last 35,000 hours – 30 times longer than incandescent, 25 times longer than halogen and 10 times longer than compact fluorescent lamps. Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll be saving money, too.
High Efficiency:
ledsen LED up to 94% on energy usage compared to standard dichroic low-wattage halogen and incandescent lamps, lowering electricity bills. Energy usage translates directly into significant cost savings, especially in commercial applications where large quantities of lamps are used.

Green lighting technology

Lower energy usage makes LED lighting better for the environment, but it’s a very green technology in other ways as well. Since no heat is produced, it can reduce interior temperatures by 1-2 degrees, lowering air-conditioning costs and CO2 emissions. LED lighting is also much safer for the environment because it is mercury-free and doesn’t produce IR or UV rays, which can be harmful to humans. In other words, LED lamps are the greenest and most environmentally-friendly source of light on the market.

Superior color, increased comfort

Clear light and high marks on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which indicates accurate true color reproduction, means LED lights produce light that is more pleasing and relaxing, increasing comfort and mood.

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